Edgy Short Asymmetrical Haircut

Edgy Short Asymmetrical Haircut PictureEdgy Short Asymmetrical Hairstyle is cut very choppy and uneven to get texture.  Blow-dry randomly then use a flat iron to wisp-out the longer side.


Short Edgy Asymmetrical Hairstyle

Short Edgy HairstyleInspired by the Old Vidal Sassoon..This Edgy Short Hairstyle is truly Unique.  The Sides are cut Asymmetrically with one side Flipped-Out and the other Side Laying Flat.  The Bang has an almost heart-shape to it, angling into a Wisp.  If this Hairstyle were art??..I see a perfectly happy heart on one side exploding into a shattered heart on the other.  Hairstyling is a form of expression.

Edgy Short Hairstyle Picture

Edgy Short Hairstyle This is a great Edgy Hairstyle for someone with Short Hair.  A Little teasing, a little hairspray and a few bobby pins can really rock out a short Haircut.  Apply volumizing serum to damp hair and blow-dry smooth.  Curl top with medium barrel curling iron and then back-comb curls for height.  Randomly pin hair back and up with bobby-pins into a Rockin’ Edgy Short Hairstyle.

Edgy Long Length Braided Hairstyle

Edgy Long Length Braided Hairstyle PictureLength Of  This Edgy Hairstyle is Very Long.  A Unique” Fishbone” braid is braided across the front of this Hairstyle.  It also appears that is is another “Fishbone” braided in the side of the hair as well.

Short Choppy Asymmetrical Haircut

Cute Short Edgy Choppy Asymmetrical Haircut PictureThe left side of this edgy haircut is cut shorter than the right side, making in an asymmetrical haircut.  The back and left side are cut short and tapered up.   The bangs are choppy an unevenly cut, and some of the longer side pieces are pulled forward.  This is a really cute short length edgy haircut with a lot of texture.

TO STYLE:  Apply a volumizing serum prior to bow-drying.  Blow-dry the back in an upward motion to make it stand up and spike out.  Blow-dry the front and right side with a vent brush by pulling it up and under, this will give the top lift.  Use pomade or wax to keep the back spiked up and also to “piece” out the side and bangs.  This is a really fun edgy haircut, but it will require some styling time!

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